Exterior railings

Railings installed in the outdoors are exposed to the elements, which is a vital thing to remember when making your choice. Exterior railings must first fill a functional role and only after a design and beauty role. It is our goal to marry both worlds and provide you with exterior railings that will last the test of time and elements as well as your taste and design.

Besides the beauty finely crafted exterior railings bring to your outdoors project, they also contribute to a feeling of security that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Railings are a perfect compliment to any deck, patio, or exterior stairs and are, in many cases, required by local building codes. At Black Mountain Sunrooms we only use the best building materials and manufacturing techniques, and construct railings systems for each customer as if we were doing the work for our own family members.

Glass Railings

There are many advantages to glass railings. They can give your home and outdoor spaces a unique and modern look and compliment contemporary architecture. Glass railings can be used in a number of applications including balconies, decks and staircase railings.

Benefits of Glass Railings

Glass railings are gaining in popularity for a number of reasons. The open designs of glass railings are wonderful because they do not obstruct the view from your deck, patio or balcony. When utilized in balcony design, the view from within your home will not be compromised and additional light can flow into your house without the obstruction of a solid railing design.

Aluminium Railings

When you are choosing your railing for your deck or patio project, aluminium railings are a wonderful option of construction material. We provide this lightweight , low maintenance railing material In custom sizes and colors. Aluminium can fit a wide range of décor styles and be formed to create a contemporary or traditional look.

For the budget conscience aluminium railing can be a great choice.

Interior Railings

These are often an overlooked aspect of your interior design project, but interior railings can add a lot of character, charm and appeal to your home.

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