Balcony Enclosures and Screen Rooms

Balcony Enclosures

If you love your balcony but wish you could get more use out of it, you may want to consider adding a Patio/Balcony Enclosure to your home! Whether you would like to fully enclose your Patio/Balcony or add a Custom Screen Room, Black Mountain Sunrooms will custom design your room to meet your specific needs.

When you want to expand your living space, bring the outside in, and do it quickly, consider an enclosure.

Balcony Enclosures are immensely practical additions to your home especially in the extreme Canadian climate.

In the winter, a balcony enclosure acts as another barrier to cold winds and snowy weather. In the summer, balcony enclosures with screened windows create a nice bug-free environment to sit in the breeze.

Depending on your balconies specific configuration, your needs for enclosing your space, local building codes and your budget, we can create the perfect screened-in or glass enclosure for your home.

Screen Room

A Screen Room means that you are entirely outdoors where you can enjoy all the pleasures that nature has to offer without the constant irritation of bugs and other pests. Essentially, you can enjoy the sunshine, warmth, cool breeze and beautiful views without the annoyances that insects can cause. This is the real advantage of screen rooms and they are ideal for any family home.

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